Our “Building Your Flock” blog series is designed to help you pick your perfect breeds as you peruse our catalog and scroll the website. We’re getting festive for the second article of this series by focusing on our dark brown layers for Valentine’s Day! If you have a chicken lover in your life, rest assured that we have all of your eye candy and chocolate egg needs covered today.

Cuckoo Marans

Cuckoo Marans are among our best dark brown layers, producing some of the deepest chocolate-brown eggs of any breed that we carry. Their large dark brown eggs are often speckled, so they add a pop of color and variety to egg baskets. If you’re chasing a rainbow dozen, this breed is certainly worth trying out! 

These hardy French birds have friendly, inquisitive personalities. Their docile and adaptable natures make them an excellent choice for backyard farmers and urban keepers alike. Because they are a dual purpose breed, Cuckoo Marans are also a good option for homesteaders who want a sustainable source for both meat and eggs. These birds are  known to do well with both hot and cold temperatures, making them an ideal choice for a variety of climates throughout the US. 

French Black Copper Marans

French Black Copper Marans are wonderful birds in a beautiful package. Their striking iridescent black feathers and copper collars make them beautiful to look at, and they lay gorgeous chocolate eggs that are coveted by chicken keepers across the world. These dark brown layers have a good temperament and thrive in a variety of coops and conditions. Whether you’re selling your eggs at a stand or you’re supplying cartons to families and neighbors, these dark chocolate eggs will surprise and delight everyone you give them to! There’s nothing quite like walking out to the coop and finding such a beautiful egg waiting to be collected. 

French White Marans

French White Marans lay large dark brown eggs just like the French Black Copper Marans. These birds are snowy white from head to toe, which offers a striking appearance with their bright red combs and wattles. 

Like our other Marans varieties, these dark brown layers are extremely versatile and good natured. They are hardy enough to thrive in a variety of conditions, have friendly personalities, and make for a good large dual-purpose bird as well. From backyards to homesteads, you can’t go wrong when you add a few French White Marans to your flock. 

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This Heritage breed is another fantastic choice for those who want to add both color and variety to their egg baskets. Welsummers lay large dark brown eggs that are sometimes heavily speckled. Their beautiful, unique eggs are sure to capture attention at egg stands and farmers markets!

Welsummers are docile birds that do well in a variety of conditions. These dark brown layers are both heat and cold tolerant and free range well. These hardy birds are a wonderful choice for families with small children because of their lovely temperaments. Welsummers are also well-suited to backyard flocks and large homesteads alike.


Selling your eggs? We’ve got you covered!


Whether you have been selling eggs to loyal customers for years or you are just getting started with setting up your egg stand, we have all of the supplies you need to keep your customers coming back for more. From our recycled plastic egg cartons to our egg stamps and customized carton stamps, let us help you up your marketing game and wow your customers every time they pick up a carton of eggs. 

Don’t forget that McMurray customers get a free egg vendor listing on our Marketplace! Sign up today if you are hoping to connect with your local community by selling your beautiful eggs. 

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