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Bad, Bad Mr. Fox

I remember my mother reading me many stories when I was little.  In a lot of the stories that included a fox, the fox is the bad guy.  The fox has been included in many stories, cultures, songs and more … Continue reading

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Straight to the Source – A Visit to Our Flock Farms

Offering healthy and happy baby chicks doesn’t happen by accident.  In fact, proper care and nutrition to help ensure optimal growth is provided to the source flocks through a dedicated person, years of experience and a genuine enthusiasm about chickens.  … Continue reading

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How Much Space Do My Chickens Need?

  Chickens will be happier and healthier if they are let out during the day to forage. At night, they need protection against predators, so they should be kept in a chicken coop or shelter.  The proper size of the … Continue reading

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17 Things to Consider when Planning your next Chicken Coop

Ventilation Easy to clean

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Snakes in the Coop

We were doing the chores late last night. We have two calves that we are bottle feeding until they attach fully to the nurse cow. After the bottle feeding we stopped by to get the eggs. There were hens nesting … Continue reading

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Book Review: Making Mobile Hen Houses (Roberts)

Review of Michael Roberts book “Making Mobile Hen Houses”. Continue reading

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