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Building for the Future

Continuing our dedication to preserving rare and exotic breeds, we are in the process of building a new, state-of-the-art barn.

Gail Damerow Discusses Egg Quality

Continuing our series with poultry expert and best-selling author, Gail Damerow, we talk to her about egg quality. The internal quality of an egg is determined by the appearance and consistency of the contents inside the shell, which you can examine by breaking a...

Photo Contest Winners Announced

The 2019 Murray McMurray catalog will be landing in mailboxes late December / early January. We are thankful to be able to feature so many amazing photos submitted by our customers each year, and this year was no exception. Our 2019 catalog will feature...

French Black Copper Marans – New Breed for 2019

McMurray Hatchery is the oldest, and largest, hatchery in the United States. We offer over 100 breeds of poultry from day-old baby chicks, ducks, geese, turkeys and other fowl. Each year we carefully select breeds to add to our selection. For our 2019 season, we are...

Bielefelder – New Breed for 2019

For over a century, McMurray Hatchery has been offering the widest selection of poultry breeds and remained dedicated to preserving the quality of each breed as set forth by the American Standard of Perfection — and 2019 is no exception. McMurray Hatchery is thrilled...

Starting Our 2019 Flock (Video)

Each year, when Summer turns to Fall, our team at McMurray Hatchery begins the annual process to hatch and raise our breeder flock for the following season. We hatch and ship day-old, baby chicks from January through October each year. It takes between 18 and 22 weeks...

4-H Broiler Project Compares Two Top Broiler Breeds

For many years, McMurray Hatchery has been a proud supporter of 4-H projects across the country. Each Spring 4-H’ers across the country order their day-old baby chicks from our hatchery and raise them for projects or to show at their county and state fairs. This year,...

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Gail Damerow Discusses Prolapse and Egg Binding in Laying Hens

Raising and keeping a flock of laying hens can be very rewarding , but, when complications arise such as prolapse or an egg-bound hen, it can be stressful for both the hen and their owner. In the second article in our series with poultry expert and best-selling author, Gail Damerow, we ask her about these two topics.

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2018 Make a Splash Photo Contest Winner Announced

2018 Make a Splash Photo Contest Winner! Congratulations to Caroline Scott! Her amazing photography of her Sebastopol Geese will be used on our website, and in our marketing materials. Ms. Scott will receive a $50 GIFT CERTIFICATE to McMurray Hatchery. All...

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Gail Damerow Discusses a Hen’s Laying Cycles and Life Span

Pictured above: Buff Orpingtons, Black Australorps, Red Star, and Pearl White Leghorn. Photo by CJ Zuppan, 2018 McMurray Hatchery Spring is in the Air photo contest. When you raise chicks to start a laying flock, it may seem to take forever before you see their first...

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Meet Our Team: Audra D., Office Manager

McMurray Hatchery is a family-owned business that has been serving generations of poultry owners for over a century — and our employees are our family, too. In this, the fourth article in our Meet Our Team series, we are proud to highlight our Office Manager, Audra D,...

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2018 Fathers Day Rooster Photo Contest Winners Announced

2018 Father's Day Rooster Photo Contest Winners! Congratulations to these entrants in the 2018 Father's Day Show Us Your Rooster photo contest! These winning photos will be used on our website, and in our marketing materials. The following entrants will...

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McMurray Hatchery Live with Tom Watkins

In our first episode of McMurray Hatchery Live, our Vice President Tom Watkins shows viewers around during a typical Hatch Day. Tom shows us around our shipping room, hand-packs a baby chick order, answers viewer questions and gets a visit from his family....

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