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McMurray Hatchery On the Road

This year the chicks aren't the only ones hitting the road at McMurray Hatchery. Our team is gearing up to head out to several conferences and expos across the U.S. to meet with our customers, talk to those interested in learning more about raising...

2019 Summer Photo Contest Winner Announced

Congratulations Lizzy Diaz — the winner in our 2019 Summer Photo Contest! As a winner, Lizzy will receive a $50 GIFT CERTIFICATE to McMurray Hatchery.

Serving Up Eggs to Iowans in Need

When a holiday lands in the middle of the week, limited mail delivery by the U.S. Postal Service means we are unable to ship day-old baby chicks. It takes a full 21 days to incubate an egg and hatch a chick — and you can't tell the hens to take a week off...

Spring is in the Air Photo Contest Winners Announced

Congratulations to these entrants in the 2018 Spring is in the Air photo contest! These winning photos will be used on our website, and in our marketing materials. The following entrants will each receive a $50 GIFT CERTIFICATE to McMurray Hatchery: SILVER...

Donating to the Cause: Preserving Rare Breeds

For over a century, McMurray Hatchery has remained dedicated to preserving rare and exotic poultry breeds. Today we carry over 120 breeds of chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, guineas, peafowl, pheasants and other rare and exotic birds. As part of our...

NEW Lower Minimum on Two Best-Selling Assortments

NEW! Starting in April, to meet the needs of our customers with limitations on the number of birds they are allowed, we are offering lower minimums on two of our best-selling assortments — Murray's Choice Layer Assortment and our Brown Egg Layer...

2019 Mystery Chick Photo Contest Winner Announced

For years, McMurray Hatchery has been including a free mystery chick with each order. It's exciting to receive one and try to determine the breed as they grow. With over 100 breeds, our customers have received crested varieties, speckled beauties,...

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Preparing for Your New Chicks

The first time we brought home a box of chicks, I was terrified. The day-old chicks needed specialized care and I wanted to do everything right to help them grow from cheeping balls of fluff to a feathered flock clucking around the pasture.I read a lot of...

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Fill Your Coop With These Red Breeds This February

February kicks off chick season at the Hatchery and Valentine's Day is right around the corner. We're feeling festive and highlighting many of the 'RED' chicken breeds we love. RHODE ISLAND RED The Rhode Island Red is one of the most famous and...

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Gail Damerow Discusses Egg Anomalies

Once you start gathering fresh eggs from your flock daily, you may start to notice differences or imperfections in them. As part of our blog series with poultry expert and best-selling author, Gail Damerow, we ask her about a few of the most common egg...

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Winter Photo Contest Winners Announced

Winter Photo Contest Winners! Congratulations to these Winter photo contest winners, and thank you to all who entered. There were so many beautiful photos to choose from! These winning photos will be used on our website, and in our marketing materials. The...

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Building for the Future – An Update

In December 2018 we announced that we were in the midst of a major expansion project — building a new state-of-the-art barn dedicated preserving rare and exotic breeds, breeding new varieties, and more. We're thrilled to announce that the new facility...

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Building for the Future

Continuing our dedication to preserving rare and exotic breeds, we are in the process of building a new, state-of-the-art barn.

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Gail Damerow Discusses Egg Quality

Continuing our series with poultry expert and best-selling author, Gail Damerow, we talk to her about egg quality. The internal quality of an egg is determined by the appearance and consistency of the contents inside the shell, which you can examine by breaking a...

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Photo Contest Winners Announced

The 2019 Murray McMurray catalog will be landing in mailboxes late December / early January. We are thankful to be able to feature so many amazing photos submitted by our customers each year, and this year was no exception. Our 2019 catalog will feature...

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Enter to Win FREE CHICKS

In celebration of our 2019 season — and for the first time ever — we are giving away FREE CHICKS! Now through December 2nd, sign up for the McMurray Hatchery newsletter for a chance to win a box of 15 female day-old baby chicks from our newest and best breeds...

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